A Sock Made Me Carpe Diem

This morning as I was fishing around my purse, I found something unexpected.


Funny how a little bundle of fibers can wreak havoc on a mama.

I can’t take it! It’s just too much!

My baby is growing so fast!

I cried. I texted my mama. I stuffed my emotions with pancakes. And the whole time that little sock just sat there. Taunting me.


Stop it! Stop talking to me! I’m not looking at you!!


LALALALA not listening!!


Okay. That’s ENOUGH.

As any ridiculously-sentimental crazy person would understand, I can’t throw that sock away. But…I can’t exactly cry every time I see it, either.

So what should I do?

I have watched enough Dr. Phil to know: I need to take charge of this sock situation. “Mentally redirect”…or something like that. So, laugh if you must.

But I think I have a plan.

Just now, I’ve resolved to carry that freaking sock with me. Everywhere, every day—as a visual reminder of how time flies.

When I’m tired or grouchy or disengaged, I will see this tiny sock. I will feel that little ache.

And then I will channel my feelings and carpe the heck out of my diem.


Behold The Sock List. A list of magical memories that Ben and I can make together. Now, when I have a socky little heart-pain, I’m gonna look at my list, pick something and DO IT!

Here’s what I have so far:

The Sock List

Wagon Parade-decorate Ben’s wagon like a homecoming float, attach a radio with some Disney parade tunes, and march my kid around the block like the rockstar he is.

Blanket Fort Bake some cookies, grab some books, and hunker down with my kiddo in the belly of an epic blanket fort.

Buy a Stinkin Goldfish The pet store is our cheap skate version of an aquarium so we go kinda often. Ben loves the fish, and it’s fairly educational. But one day, Ben’s gonna point to a fish and I’m gonna bag that sucker and take it home. Just because.

Nap Time Magic Garden Before Naptime, I’m going to explain how flowers grow. Then we are going to plant some magic seeds (jelly beans) in the ground. After nap time–SURPRISE! Something grew! Treasure and bubbles and candy. Hooray!

Bubble Bath Luau Hawaiian everything. Bubbles everywhere. Bathing suits at bathtime must mean something special. Right?

Okay, you get the point. This list is young, but it is growing. (Like my baaaaaby!)

And maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had three hours of sleep. Or maybe it’s my third cup of coffee, but yall–this could be something! Right? Riiiight?

I would love to hear your sock list suggestions! Or heck, make your own! You don’t need an excuse to make a magic moment with your kid.

But if you need one..


I’m sure this little guy has a match somewhere. And if you pay shipping, I’ll send it tomorrow.

Carpe diem, mamas! Make it a magical one!

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Mary Katherine is a southerner, born and raised. Growing up in Alabama, she developed an affinity for lightning bugs, sweet tea, playing guitar, and having strong opinions. She's happily married with a son (Nugget) and two fur babies. Fun facts: MK is a living kidney donor, speaks a little Thai, and has written two novels.


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